Top Ten: Sustainable Fashion Brands to Shop Right Now

With the state of our planet and its future looking bleak unless we shape up (or it’ll give out) we all need to be more mindful of our carbon footprint. While many labels are slowly switching to sustainable practices, these ten brands stand apart because it is at the core of their identity. Here are ones to shop right now:

  1. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney’s reputation for her environmentalism is almost as strong as it is for creating stylish high-end clothing. She was one of the first big names to transform her entire business model into one that has sustainability at the forefront. She has also been instrumental in informing the masses of how exactly fashion is damaging the environment.

  1. Reformation

Their slogan is, “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2.” Reformation has based their entire existence around environmentally friendly practices. Based in Los Angeles, they design most of their apparel in downtown. When they do outsource, they only use manufacturers that abide by the same principles as they do. They were one of early pioneers in making sure consumers do not have to sacrifice style to be a friend to the environment.

  1. Flippa K

Flippa K hails from the land of minimalism and Ikea, where clean lines and simple design reign supreme. Their designs, are from materials carefully sourced and produced using the most sustainable fibers. Even now they are working on developing wool garments that are blended with recycled polyester and completely omitting the dye process. To further their environmentalist cred, they have launched a garment rental service which allows customers to keep the product for 20% of retail price.

  1. Edun

Designed by Ali Hewson and Bono (yes THAT Bono) the label’s mission is to support manufacturing and trade in Africa. The label sources fair-trade…