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WEBINAR OVERVIEW Delivering exceptional customer experiences with cognitive solutions


In a recent InternetRetailing webinar, Deliver exceptional customer experiences with cognitive solutions, we heard from Neelam Kharay, customer experience analytics specialist in the IBM Watson marketing team on how retail brands can deliver the deeper and richer customer experiences that they aspire to. Here’s a bulletpoint overview of her presentation.

Neelam started the session by explaining how IBM was working with brands and retailers across Europe to use cognitive technology in their businesses to deliver relevant customer experiences, and what their aim was.

“As retailers we all want our target audience to visit our store, whether they’re online or offline, and when they do we want them to become our customers and buy from us. When they do we want them to come back to us again and again, choosing us over their competitors.

“We know customer experience plays a key part. If our customers have a great experience from that first interaction and throughout their lifetime with us they’ll become vocal advocates, but if they have a poor experience they’re more likely to walk away and go elsewhere.”

• IBM study found two thirds of CMOs reported deeper, richer customer experiences as top marketing priority.

Data: the more we collect the more we’ll know our customers and the better we’ll understand them.

Types of data
Structured data: eg transactional, customer records, predictive
Data outside the firewall: eg news, events, weather, social media
Unstructured data: eg Internet of Things, sensory data, images, video

“As marketers and commerce teams the problem we face is not necessarily the volume of the data but the work it takes for us to understand it.”

How to use the data
Ask questions: what are my customers doing, where…