If you think of telemarketing, it is something that most people will recognize right away. However, it is considered to be a less popular method of marketing than others. So many customers complain about telephone marketing, it means that it cannot really work, right? Wrong. When used correctly, telemarketing can become an incredibly efficient tool in business-to-business (B2B) transactions. Why is this? Read on to find out!

Human interaction

Email and social media are great methods of creating sales, but they have no human contact required. Sometimes customers will simply prefer to speak with the person who is selling them something. They want to hear the salesperson voice and be able to ask questions on the spot. Telemarketing creates a relationship between two (or more) people, which would not have otherwise existed. The human need for interaction is one of the major reasons that telemarketing is still so effective.

Complex issues

Sometimes messages can be incorrectly relayed or interpreted through text. Verbally conveying the message may be better. If you are trying to sell a client something that involves an explanation, it is likely that telemarketing is your best bet. Complex or technical explanations are better when they…