In the rush to become destinations for online video content, social media platforms are releasing a flurry of new tools and improvements for publishers and viewers. Many of these updates are intended to broaden access to smaller content producers.

Here is a list of recent video updates from social media platforms. There are updates on monetization and analytics, content deals, mobile viewing apps, and several updates on live streaming.


YouTube allows live streaming for channels with 1,000 subscribers. YouTube has lightened its requirements for live streaming, allowing channels with just 1,000 subscribers to initiate a live stream via Android, iPhone, and iPad app. Channels must be verified and have no live stream restrictions in the last 90 days. YouTube introduced live streaming in February for channels with 10,000 subscribers.


Six new Facebook Live features. Facebook has released six new features for Facebook Live. Facebook Pages can now go live via a web browser. Pages now have a live contributor role, allowing admins to designate specific individuals to go live on behalf of a Page. Video metrics for public videos are available for profiles with 5,000 or more followers. Broadcasters can now pin comments to the bottom of a live broadcast. With video permalinks for Pages, publishers now have a quick way to point people toward a live broadcast as it’s happening. And a new series of cross-posting features help publishers reach audiences across different Pages.

Improvement to video metrics in Page Insights. Facebook has rolled out a number of improvements to video metrics in Page Insights. The changes are based on feedback from publisher partners. Updates include adding aggregate minutes viewed, simplifying aggregate video views, making it easier to analyze metrics across a date range, enabling comparisons between current video metrics and historical benchmarks, and sorting top videos by minutes viewed or views.

Video metrics in Facebook Page Insights.
Video metrics in Facebook Page Insights.

New ways to watch video — picture-in-picture and more. Facebook has updated ways to watch video on the platform. Videos in Facebook’s news feed have previously played silently — now tap on a video to hear sound. Vertical videos now look better with a larger preview format. Videos can now be played with a picture-in-picture view while viewers browse other stories in the news feed. And Facebook has announced a new app to watch Facebook video on a variety of TV platforms.