Fidget spinner
Unquiet Hands

Fidget spinner backlash is growing at schools across the US.

The small gadgets, which you can twirl between your fingers, have become an omnipresent part of adolescent life across the US seemingly overnight.

Now, schools are fighting back against the gadgets some say are distracting and potentially harmful.

According to fidget spinner database SpinnerList, 32% of the top 200 American high schools — the 100 largest private and 100 largest public schools, according to Department of Education data — have banned spinners from the premises, or plan to ban the toy by the end of the week.

“When I first heard that fidget spinners were starting to get banned in schools across the country last week, I was shocked,” Alexi Roy, the founder of SpinnerList who contacted the 200 schools, wrote. “I am a big fan of spinners, and I was skeptical that this could really be happening. Are schools really banning these toys, or is the media telling us bulls—?”

The media was, in fact, not telling the public “bulls—.”

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