Having owned an Amazon Echo for over a year now, I am quick to recommend it to just about anyone. It is really perfect for the home. But I don’t feel the same way about the Echo Show, the newest and most expensive member of the Echo family, which lacks a small but significant feature that’s on every other Echo.

amazon echo

Every Amazon Echo — save for the $230 Echo Show — can be used from any direction. The Echo devices feature a handful of microphones for listening and an omni-directional speaker grille for speaking, which means it is exceedingly good at both hearing you and speaking to you, wherever you are in your home.

In other words, you can use it on your couch, or in the kitchen, or in another room, and it will work. It even knows where your voice is coming from; the blue ring at the top of the device “points” to you when you’re talking.

Amazon Echo Show
If you want to try video calling on the Echo Show, you can’t do it from anywhere in your home. You’d need to be in a specific location.


The Echo Show is…