One of the cornerstones of a successful software business has been to build as big a partner ecosystem as possible. In the world of the cloud, showcasing the partner ecosystem in an online marketplace also has become an imperative.

Salesforce has been in the vanguard of this trend. Since its inception in 2005, the AppExchange has grown to include more than 3,000 partner solutions that augment Salesforce’s growing portfolio of cloud services. AppExchange has strengthened significantly Salesforce’s position in the marketplace by cataloging the company’s rapidly expanding ecosystem of independent software vendor and consulting partners.

However, the tremendous success of the AppExchange has made it a bit overwhelming for customers to find and easily implement the right third-party solutions to best meet their needs.

Special Incentives

Salesforce this week unveiled a new AppExchange Partner Program that will replace its current ISV Partner Program. The new AppExchange Partner Program includes a series of new offerings, incentive programs and grading systems. Taken together, they could redefine how the company’s customers utilize the AppExchange to meet their needs, and how Salesforce’s partners leverage the AppExchange to enhance their go-to-market capabilities.

The new AppExchange approach aims to drive Salesforce’s partners and customers to take fuller advantage of the company’s platform capabilities and Trailhead training programs.

The new AppExchange Partner Program specifically incentivizes partners to incorporate Salesforce DX and Heroku into their cloud solutions. Salesforce also hopes partners…