By Paul Skeldon

Consumer shopping habits have evolved rapidly in recent years and the retailers who are succeeding with their omnichannel strategies are seeing the benefits of ‘going app’. Apps provide a more engaging shopping experience and as a result, design agency Poq has seen app shoppers spending longer browsing, better conversion rates and greater revenue.

In fact Poq [IRDX VPOQ] has analysed the performance of its clients’ apps on its platform in Q1 and compared them to last year. And the findings are interesting. App shopping, it appears, has become even more popular and app shoppers are more keen to engage with retailers through the channel.

So what can we learn from Poq?

  1. Conversion rates

Poq’s clients have seen a 90% increase year-on-year in conversion rates in Q1 2017. The company attributes this to the innovative features that apps have, offering qualities that make the app shopping experience unique, easy and convenient. Interestingly while mobile web conversion rates have improved, in Q1 2017, apps again outperformed mobile web conversion rates by 40%, indicating that apps provide a more engaging experience.

2. Sessions

Measuring average session duration provides a great…