Belive Broadcasting Studio for Facebook Live

Facebook Live as a promotion, marketing and training tool has proved to be indispensable for some businesses. Having the ability to share content while simultaneously gathering feedback is powerful. Apart from a face-to-face interaction, no other medium gives you the ability to receive feedback and respond in a continuous exchange with your audience.

If your business uses Facebook Live for video streams — BeLive will take your presentations to the next level.

BeLive Broadcasting Studio for Facebook Live

What the BeLive broadcasting studio has done is build on the existing Facebook Live platform. On the front end, the app allows you to stream more engaging and customized videos with useful features. On the backend, your streams become a two-way communication with your audience.

Your live stream now has the ability to become a question and answer interview, not only with your guest but also with your audience. Questions, comments and any updates can be shared on screen for all participating guests to see.

BeLive Broadcasting Studio for Facebook Live

The app has been designed with a mobile-first principle so any screen, no matter the…