A DESPERATE attempt to resurrect Woolworths has been criticised by retail experts, who say the superstore belongs in the past.

The former managing director of Woolworths, which was famed for its Pick n Mix sweets range, has previously flagged he was hopeful of the brand making a comeback but others have said it would be “futile”.

Woolworths could be making a comeback

Woolworths could be making a comeback

Tony Page’s attempts to buy back the name have been slammed by Bill Grimsey, the former boss of Iceland, Wickes and Focus, who told The Daily Star Online that the attempts were being made by an ex director who “probably has nothing else to do.”

Now a retail adviser, Mr Grimsey said: “Times have moved on.

“For a Woolworths to work it has to have economies of scale – it has to be big, it has to be able to buy big in order to get low prices.

“And then to establish a chain in this environment where…