By Paul Skeldon

With online sales growth outpacing bricks and mortar and research showing that up to 70% of in-store sales are influenced by an online and mobile retailer search — the so-called ‘e-commerce halo effect’ – FMCG suppliers need to be addressing their e-category management strategy because it influences the shopping experience across all channels not just online.

A new White Paper from category and shopper management specialists Bridgethorne entitled Winning Online By Embracing E-Category Management also says that not enough suppliers are recognising how much e-category management differs from conventional category management and are therefore failing to build an optimum e-category capability.

“We can see that suppliers are failing to extend their category management skills to e-commerce, meaning that they are not building insights from online shopper behaviour in order to understand shoppers, retailers and categories more fully,” explains Clare Adames, Head of e-commerce at Bridgethorne.

“Success in the e-commerce space requires…