How to Develop a Visual Theme for Your Instagram Business Profile

When you’re looking to promote your business on social media, Instagram ranks high on the list. Why? Instagram is an entirely visual medium and nothing works better for an online business than visuals. Random browsers turn into potential customers based on the credibility of your product images.

How does Instagram help in this regard? Instagram lets you develop a brand aesthetic that increases your engagement and drives traffic to your store.

A lot of this depends on how you design the look and feel of your Instagram business account. When someone comes across your profile you want them to stay back and “follow” you. Your overall Instagram feed should be visually consistent to generate interest.

While a themed Instagram requires planning, it’s not that hard if you start by shortlisting what you want your business account to reflect.

1. Draw inspiration from your favorite feeds

Assess all your favorite Instagram accounts. What do like about each one of them? Is there anything that stands out for you? Make a list of the things that appeal to you about each account.

I like how Adobe’s account puts up user-generated content that goes with their monthly theme. It’s enough to inspire you to get creative with your own account. For instance, as part of my product promotions, instead of only putting up my own pictures of my products, I could ask customers to send in their photos with my products. Not only will it bring in more engagement, but it will also increase the credibility of my business.


And AirBnB posts images of their best BnBs from across the globe. The images are so stunning, they would turn even the most random lurker into a customer. I’m inspired to try different angles from looking at their feed.


2. Play with colors

This is one of the most common ways to go about a themed Instagram account.

You can stick to one color and have it repeated in various ways through the objects in your images. ihavethisthingwithpink’s entire feed is curated in the obvious — pink.

i have this thing with pink color.jpg

Lifestyle photographer, Dylan Furst’s Fursty doesn’t have such an obvious color choice, but the entire feed has a tinge of blue and green. The photos are all natural, but they blend in with the overall color scheme.

fursty blues.jpg

For cestmaria, the Instagram account of photographer and interior stylist Maria Marie, the theme color changes with the seasons. The consistent color is always in the background, while the foreground is in soft pastels.

cestmaria seasonal theme color pink.jpg
cestmaria seasonal theme colour.jpg

If you’re the experimental kind, you can change the color theme in every row. For instance, as a seller, you can post 3 products of the same color in one row, then change to another product color in the next row. When looking at your overall feed, this kind of an arrangement will make each row pop out.

3. Try the checkerboard

The checkerboard theme isn’t just classy to look at, it is also very effective in increasing engagement. In this feed, every alternate photo has a consistent background. Most users alternate between photo and text, but many others also alternate between two different background colors.

cerebralist checkerboard.jpg
bossbabe checkerboard.jpg

This is a great engagement builder because you can alternate your product promotions with inspirational quotes, facts or personal photos. A good mix of content helps in not coming across as spammy and makes browsers stay back for both entertainment and information.

4. Experiment with…