Flare R taillight safety gadget
The Bontrager Flare R taillight.

Trek Bicycle Corp.

I’ve been bicycling in traffic for years, and the Flare R taillight is one of the best safety gadgets I’ve ever used.

The powerful blinking light was specially designed to increase cyclists’ visibility in the daytime.

It is visible up to 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) day or night.

The USB-charging Flare R is made by Bontrager, a Trek brand.

A lot of people associate bike lights with nighttime riding, but 80% of bike-car crashes happen during the day, according to Trek, which cites a 2006 study by Painer, et al, that said “Daytime Running Lights have been shown to significantly reduce collisions in cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.”

Trek claims the Flare R is the first taillight designed for daylight visibility.

It attaches to the back of your bike in one of two ways: either by clipping onto something — such as a saddle bag or belt — or by wrapping around a seat post with a rubber strap.

Based on my sense of motorists driving around me, when I ride with the light it seems as if they generally have a better awareness of me and give me a little more space when passing.

In the GIF below, you can see the Flare R taillight in action as a road cyclist rides into the distance:

YouTube/Trek Bicycle

“If you take a look at motorcycles, they’ve got lights on all day long — bicyclists should be no different,” Trek president John Burke says in a promotional video.

The Flare R has 65 lumens, which,…