By Paul Skeldon

Smaller retailers are more confident in their online offerings than large organisations, who view their in-store experience as their premium channel, new research from global payment solutions expert Adyen has found.

Only 13% of large retailers (500+ people) believe their best shopping experience is online, compared with 25% of medium businesses (100-499) and 33% of small ones (1-99).

For shoppers, there is no doubt about the relevance of online. The research highlights that 95% of people in the UK shop online, and 60% in apps, yet – despite this demand for shopping across every channel – 1 in 5 (21%) retailers still don’t offer the ability to purchase online or in app. Despite the small retailers lead over their larger counterparts, when it comes to online, 34% of them still do not offer their products on this channel.

In fact – according to the retailers surveyed – apps are being either ignored or are underperforming, with only 1.2% of large retailers and 3.9% of small retailers rating their app as their best shopping experience.

This is a missed opportunity for retailers, as an app can be a valuable sales channel. Treatwell, Europe’s leading marketplace for online hair and beauty bookings,…