America’s top retailers in trouble

1. More retail earnings: Walmart, Gap and Target are all announcing earnings this week.

In the previous quarter, Walmart’s online sales grew faster than Amazon’s — a veritable coup for the brick and mortar mainstay. It’s not clear how much money it made off its digital business, but online growth is promising and reflects Walmart’s efforts to grow digitally: It bought online retailer Jet for about $3 billion last year, and ShoeBuy in January. Walmart’s also been expanding its online grocery business in an effort to compete with services like Amazon Prime.

Walmart’s success is out of line with other retailers, which have been hurting badly. Target, for instance, had a terrible fourth quarter. It’s holiday sales came in way below the mark, and the company warned investors that 2017 will be, in a word, bad. Gap, on the other hand, is cautiously optimistic that Old Navy’s popularity will help it pull through.

2. SpaceX launch: SpaceX is aiming to launch another satellite into space on Monday.

The company said in a tweet that after completing a test of its Falcon 9 rocket,…