The retail industry is clearly at a crossroads. From the compression of storefronts to the explosion of online options, retail marketers have never been more challenged and somewhat overwhelmed in developing viable marketing strategies and tactics that will resonate with retail consumers. Know-how, innovation and ideation don’t seem to be enough to change the retail marketing game in this ever-evolving climate. It’s time to do more than just check the box. We need to rethink, re-imagine and redefine retail marketing.

Here are some considerations every retail marketing professional should entertain.

They’re not customers, they’re clients. It’s time to think of the retail consumer as more than another transactional notch in our marketing belt, but as clients with specific needs and wants. We need to do more than simply satisfy these preferences, but build and maintain a renewed and trusted relationship with our retail clients. Nordstrom, a leader in the retail industry for more than a century, has been a longtime proponent of this viewpoint. By viewing customers as clients, they create real relationships throughout the retail experience and beyond. The client experience is more than a core competency, it is a core value that every associate is passionate about. This client focus has fueled Nordstrom’s success for decades.

It’s about the experience. Yes, online retail options provide convenience and service levels that satisfy many consumers’ needs, but retail clients still want to touch and feel. It’s time to think about the experience before anything else. What motivates a retail client to think beyond shopping to a retail excursion is more than a purchase — it’s the creation of a memory. This excursion may include a meal, a family activity, an event or another engagement that becomes a shareable…