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Salesforce on Tuesday launched the AppExchange Partner Program, or APP, for developers, independent software vendors and startups, as a replacement for its current ISV Partner Program.

Salesforce Rejiggers Enterprise Apps Partner Plan

The APP will cost much less. Its baseline percent-net-revenue (PNR) model for all new APP partners has been slashed from 25 percent to 15 percent.

Current partners will be eligible for the new PNR terms on contract renewal. Partner tiers will be eliminated.

The APP provides enablement and support based on the partner’s AppExchange Trailblazer Score, a new point-based system. The following criteria determine the score:

  • Customer success, based on AppExchange review and ratings;
  • Product success, based on security review status and adoption of the latest Salesforce technology;
  • Team readiness, calculated via Trailhead trails completed and certifications gained; and
  • Giving back through participation in Salesforce’s Pledge 1 percent program.

The new system will take effect in March 2018, Salesforce said, but existing partners will be able to view their AppExchange Trailblazer Scores by Q4, and “will begin the opportunity to increase that score leading up to March 1.”

New partners began earning points toward their score from May 1. They also will be able to view their score in Q4.

“Partnership is a two-way street, and we want to give ISVs a clear sense of how we measure success across the board,” Salesforce said in a statement provided to CRM Buyer by company rep Jessica Bryant. “We understand there are things beyond revenue that make a company successful.”

Among those things are…