Shake Shack’s new cookbook is far more than just a collection of recipes.

The book, which hits shelves on May 16, is full of fun tidbits about Danny Meyer’s burger chain. Did you know Shake Shack could have been called Custard’s First Stand? Or that you can make your own ShackSauce simply by combining Hellman’s mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, Heinz ketchup, kosher dill pickling brine, and cayenne pepper?

But the most interesting nugget of information has to do with, well, nuggets (pun intended).

Towards the end of the book is a section entitled “The Taste of Things to Come.” It gives a behind-the-scenes look at the Shake Shack tasting kitchen in Brooklyn, where a team meets every three months to try out new recipes.

“Chicken tenders are universally applauded,” the book says, cryptically, under a photograph of bite-size pieces of fried chicken.

Shake Shack chicken tenders
Chicken tenders in Shake Shack’s test kitchen.

A few pages later is a recipe for Chicken Bites, which the book describes as “the…