By Paul Skeldon

Technology in UK high street stores is failing to match the online shopping experience and customers are demanding better. This is according to Fujitsu’s new research, The Forgotten Shop Floor, which found 4 in 10 consumers are frequently disappointed by in-store technology.

And while the benefits of investing in better digital tools are clear – 61% would choose one retailer over another based on the quality of in-store technology – doing nothing is simply not an option: three quarters of shoppers would choose Amazon or eBay over traditional high street names if either had a physical store.

Shoppers are demanding a more digital high street experience; almost half say in-store tech today is slow (42%), over a third say it is unreliable (37%), while a quarter say there simply isn’t enough to handle demand.

As a result, three quarters say they can access more information than retail employees and 73% say they can get it quicker, leaving two thirds (65%) of employees using their own devices to try to bridge the gap.

“Today the next wave of digital disruption is happening in-store. Ecommerce has altered our expectations of the high street and we now expect physical channels to reflect digital ones and be engaging, personalised and hassle-free,” says Rupal Karia, MD, Retail and Hospitality, Fujitsu UK & Ireland. “The digital pace of change is faster than ever. Consumers will embrace retailers who can give them the experience they want, before they know they want it. The message is clear:…