I’ve said it before and I will say it again: the saviour of the high street is technology – but time is running out. Consumers demand it, the retailers really need it.

According to research by Fujitsu, 61% of shoppers would choose one retailer over another based on the quality of in-store technology, while 42% say that what is on offer today is too slow and 37% say it is totally unreliable. As a result, three quarters say they can access more information than retail employees and 73% say they can get it quicker, leaving two thirds (65%) of employees using their own devices to try to bridge the gap.

Separately, 61% of UK consumers expect bricks-and-mortar retailers to offer them virtual reality headsets (VR), multi-experience loyalty apps and other advanced technologies such as voice-activation within three years, a survey by Omnico has found.

56% of shoppers in the survey said they believe VR will help them buy anything from cars to clothing and holidays to homes. The findings are part of the quarterly Omnico Retail Gap Barometer, measuring the experiences and expectations of 1,000 UK shoppers.

And when given the chance to use new tech, shoppers tend to embrace it with alacrity, as we have seen at Kebaya Asian Brasserie in Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport, where when given the chance to order using mobile,…