Regardless of how volatile the retail landscape is, brands must remain focused on driving customer engagement — especially if they want to survive.

This point was driven home during Manhattan Associates’ Momentum conference, held in Las Vegas, May 8-11. During the event, industry observers discussed how the future of retail will center around the customer — and delivering a seamless, personal experience moving forward.

To remain relevant in this increasingly customer-focused era, staying idle isn’t an option. Retailers need to step up their game, and consider which innovations will create a customer-centric shopping experience.

Here are three strategies that can help retailers boost their adoption efforts:

1. Don’t approach the Internet of Things (IoT) as a fad. The key to driving a seamless shopping experience is to break down the many silos that still exist between processes, lines of business and shoppers. Tech-nology disruptors that fall under the IoT category — smart devices that connect via Web-based networks, and share data — promise to change all of that.

RFID, considered the first use-case of IoT, was originally tapped as a loss prevention tool. However, as the cost of the technology drops, the solu-tion is getting a renewed focus.

Some retailers are…