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Fitness isn’t always convenient.

That’s the unfortunate reality that led exercise physiologist Chris Jordan to create the 7-minute workout, the viral routine and app designed to give you the benefits of a trip to the gym in just a few minutes.

The app, officially called the “Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout,” is based on a concept called interval training.

The method involves short, intense periods of exercise broken up with brief periods of rest. Studies suggest this kind of exercise may be more beneficial for building muscle and protecting the heart than a regular workout.

“High-intensity interval training can provide similar or greater benefits in less time than traditional longer, moderate-intensity workouts,” Jordan says.

When Jordan is crunched for time, one of the app’s advanced options, like the “sports conditioning” routine, is his go-to. When he has more time to devote to a workout, he does a longer, more comprehensive version of interval training that involves interspersing cardiovascular exercise, like cycling or sprinting, with resistance training, like arm raises or planks.

Jordan drew from interval training to create workout routines for clients when he worked as a…