The Winds of Trade Blow East. Does This Mean Trouble for the West Coast?

A new episode of shipping wars has begun this week, and unlike A&E series of the same name, there is a lot more at stake. As the Panama Canal welcomed the largest vessel to date in its waters, the East and West coasts entered into a battle of trade routes. The west coast has long enjoyed the market share of the trans-pacific, but severe congestion became an issue. A desire to get a stake into the market and to ease traffic on the routes, spurred investment into Eastern and Gulf ports. Ultimately, billions of dollars have been poured into dredging to make way for larger ships to enter the waterways on the Eastern seaboard.

A Big Step

This week the investment is seeing signs of payoff as an Asian cargo ship the length of the Eiffel Tower passed through. Next, a Chinese vessel will be the largest of its kind to dock on the East Coast at Port…