By Paul Skeldon

61% of UK consumers expect bricks-and-mortar retailers to offer them virtual reality headsets (VR), multi-experience loyalty apps and other advanced technologies such as voice-activation within three years, a survey by Omnico has found.

56% of shoppers in the survey said they believe VR will help them buy anything from cars to clothing and holidays to homes. The findings are part of the quarterly Omnico Retail Gap Barometer, measuring the experiences and expectations of 1,000 UK shoppers.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the ways in which advanced technologies can be used to improve their experience in a store, whether on the high street, in a shopping centre or a retail park,” explains Mel Taylor, CEO Omnico. “They are accustomed to the ease, the options and product information of online shopping and have a new set of expectations they expect store retailers to meet through innovation.”

The survey found that 29% of consumers believe VR will be of direct help to them when looking to buy clothes. Nearly a quarter (24%) believe the technology will assist in buying kitchens or making choices about…