Photos: Cass Collective

Whether at big events or as limited-time, seasonal attractions, retail pop-up stores have grown in popularity as other more traditional brick-and-mortar retail forms have struggled. Now in Detroit, a local accelerator (TechTown Detroit) and a community development group (Midtown Detroit Inc.) have launched a pop-up only retail environment aimed at helping mom-and-pop retailers find a broader audience while they figure out the ropes of physical retail.

The retail space, called Cass Collective, currently features six pop-up retail stores, according to an article on Model D Media. The retailers include an olive oil shop, a jewelry store and clothing boutiques, including a men’s apparel brand called Bleu Boutique featured in the article. Before getting a retail presence at Cass Collective, Bleu Boutique had been largely e-tail only outside of pop-up events and fashion shows. The vision for the space is to rotate out each retailer every three months to a year.