10 Ideas for Creative Product Presentation in Instagram Galleries

Instagram Gallery is a great way to tell customers about your business and products without annoying them with a ton of photos in their Insta feeds. In addition to photos, the gallery format supports videos, with up to 10 pieces of content in total. Images can be edited: overlay filters, change the contrast or brightness, and other settings. You can also change the sequence of frames.

Here are some examples of what you can do for your brand via Instagram Gallery.

1. Show the new collection

In order to avoid posting 20 separate pictures with new products, show all the novelties in one picture. This tactic is also better because the collection will work together.

2. Uncover the production secrets

A few photos (and a video too) showing the production process is a good way to get the customers closer to your business. Show them how materials and sketches turn into a finished product.

3. 360° product view

Show the product from all…