50 Low Cost Retail Business Ideas

If you want to start a business where you offer finished products directly to consumers, then retail is definitely the direction you should be looking. There are plenty of different types of retail businesses. But some are more expensive than others to get up and running. Here are 50 low cost retail business ideas that won’t break the bank.

Low Cost Retail Business Ideas

eCommerce Retailer

If you want to sell products to consumers without having to invest in an actual storefront, the easiest way to get started is to open up an eCommerce site. There are plenty of low cost options out there, ranging from eBay and Amazon to Shopify and BigCommerce.

Handmade Business

You can also focus more specifically on selling your own handmade creations. You can use a platform like Etsy or sell your wares at local events.

Collectibles Seller

For those who want to sell more specific items, you could focus on collectible items like coins and sports memorabilia and sell those items on platforms like eBay.

Mobile Retail Boutique

If you want to have a physical retail business but don’t want to invest in a storefront, you could build a mobile retail business using an old camper or similar vehicle that you can set up at fairs or events as you see fit.

Used Bookstore

You can also open your own used bookstore, either in a set location or online. Buying used books is a fairly inexpensive prospect as far as inventory is concerned.

Record Shop

Likewise, you can open a store that sells records, old and new. You can even have a system where you buy inventory right from your customers.

Thrift Store

Or you could open up a thrift store where you sell a variety of different goods. For this, you will need a physical location. But you can accept item donations to ease the upfront cost.

Consignment Shop

You can also open a consignment store, which sells secondhand goods as well but offers money back to people who bring in their items.

Antique Seller

Or you could focus specifically on selling items that are old enough to be considered antiques. You can salvage items and then sell them at booths in stores or at events.

Antique Mall

You could also open up an antique mall where you sell goods out of a retail location and then offer any extra space to other antique dealers.

News Stand

With a news stand, you can offer newspapers, magazines and a variety of other products out of a cart or small storefront.

Produce Stand

You can also open up a stand where you offer produce or other food items in a small setting.


If you’re interested in offering a sweeter variety of food items, you could open up a small bakery or even a mobile bake shop.

Food Truck

Or you could open up a mobile food business like a food truck that you can take to fairs and other events.

Fair Vendor

You could also simply set up shop at fairs with a stand or booth. In this setting, you can sell various food items or even other retail goods, depending on the specific event.

Coffee Cart

For those who want a more regular schedule, you could run a coffee cart where you sell coffee and other items in office buildings or areas with a…