By Paul Skeldon

Retail sales are slowing, with 60% of sales coming from smartphones, according to eMarketer and the latest statistics from IMRG Capgemini pointing to eCommerce sales via smartphones growing by almost half year-on-year in May 2017 – betting on mobile first seems like the ‘strong and stable’ thing to do in our uncertain world.

Andy Burton, CEO of Tryzens, warns that consumer spending can be very volatile, especially in uncertain times, but that retailers must not let the recent overall dip in what are still growth rates for eCommerce wobble them.

Consumer spending can as much be impacted one way by actions like a snap General Election as it can another way by unseasonal or even prolonged weather patterns. We must recognise that sales still grew overall by 10.2% year-on-year, carried largely by mobile commerce transactions as consumers increasingly choose their smartphones over computers and tablets to buy things online.

He says: “The dramatic growth in sales via smartphones could also be even more attributed to the weather – if people are spending less time inside they’re more likely to only have their smartphone to hand…