Photo by Jarle Naustvik

The ‘four Ps’ are a widely-adopted framework among marketers, with the likes of Tesco CEO Dave Lewis publically supporting their integration within big business.

And in a February Marketing Week poll, which generated nearly 800 votes, a resounding 77% of marketers answered yes when asked if the 4Ps of marketing were relevant to their job today. However, it’s fair to say AOL’s digital prophet (a self-awarded title) David Shing isn’t much of a fan.

Speaking at the ProcureCon Marketing conference yesterday (15 June), Shing delivered an energetic, if slightly rambling, presentation, where he seemed to dive through a different subject every 30 seconds while rapping unverified stat-after-stat to back up his many claims.

While making a point that the “wearable web” will be the next major trend for marketers, Shing claimed: “The…