City Furniture Cuts Shopper Journey Time 50% With Associate-Facing Apps

In conjunction with IBM and Apple, City Furniture has developed new mobile apps to improve the customer experience within its showrooms. The move has significantly enhanced shopper-associate interaction, cutting in half the time required for a customer to select the product, choose services and delivery, then make a payment or apply for credit.

To expedite this in-store shopper journey, City Furniture launched three MobileFirst for iOS apps for iPad Pro: ASAP (Accelerating Sale Associates’ Performance), Payment, and Finance. City Furniture is rolling out the apps to 400 store associates across 15 City Furniture showrooms and 12 Ashley Furniture HomeStore showrooms in South Florida.

Compared with its previous in-store experience, City Furniture sales associates using these apps saw:

  • 5% growth in the average purchase order per customer;

  • 18% growth in average in-home warranty service sales; and

  • 17% growth in average stain protection service sales.

Additionally, the more streamlined interactions reduced average discounts, which both cut into store profits and prevent sales associates from meeting monthly sales goals and quotas, by 60%.

With the apps, City Furniture associates have real-time access to more than 8,000 SKUs, complete with images, product information, colors, styles and unique customer profiles. Since customers can now see photos of products in their cart before they pay, they can visually confirm the accuracy of their order, resulting in fewer credit or invoice rewrites.

Optimizing The Sales Associate With Mobile

Steve Wilder, CFO/CIO at City Furniture, noted that City Furniture wanted to make the sales associate as effective as possible so that they have all the contextual and photographic information they could possibly need to answer any questions the customer poses, all while avoiding any potential disengagement from the customer.

“In our previous environment, associates would often be unable to answer a customer’s questions, had to disengage, walk back to a fixed terminal to try to determine the answer, and then hopefully be able to reengage with the customer,” Wilder said…