Customized Video Ads Drive 561% Lift In User Brand Engagement

Customized video marketing can be a powerful component of brand marketing campaigns. Custom interactive video campaigns generate a 561% lift in total user activity (such as in-unit clicks and clicks through to an external web site) over standard pre-roll advertisements, according to research from Innovid.

Pre-roll ads only include static video without any advanced features, whereas more advanced video ads include interactive elements such as overlays and clickable content. Both types of ads play prior to the start of a video that a consumer is viewing.

  • Custom interactive video campaigns deliver an average of 41 additional seconds in time earned — on top of the time spent watching the 15- or 30-second pre-roll — nearly tripling the time spent with a 15-second ad spot. With that in mind, retailers can leverage their existing branded content to supplement these videos;

  • Mobile…