Don’t Get #Amazoned: How to Best Compete with the Online Giant

Retailers have been shutting doors left and right from East, West and all over the United States. Arguably, a big driver behind that is the success of Amazon. Ironically, retail is expected to rise, but only if brick and mortar stores can take steps to drive foot traffic to their particular store. Even so, that is not the best plan of action for all companies; some have decided to take their business solely online. Read on to find out the best elements of the consumer experience to add to your own store to best compete.

Have a Digitally-Integrated Business to Some Degree

It is a prerequisite to have a digitally-integrated business. The percentage of business that will be conducted online with vary from company to company. For some, including many department stores, have announced focusing more on online offerings and closing a percentage of their physical locations. As long as e-commerce and m-commerce is up to par, that can be a smart move. Then the focus can remain on the physical stores that have shown promise of growth. Another option, is going the route of The Limited, which revealed they will be…