Ecwid Features Digest Spring 2017

This spring Ecwid hit a milestone of 1.5 million registered merchants — and we’ve been working hard on delivering the best e-commerce experience to all of you.

Here are some of the latest features that we have brought to your Ecwid stores this season:

  • Enhanced SEO: New SEO-friendly URLs
  • Free SSL (security) certificates for any domain
  • Ecwid Control Panel Dashboard updates
  • Payments: Square + Ecwid is now available in the UK and Japan
  • Updates to the Ecwid Mobile App for iOS and Android
  • Ecwid updates for WordPress, Joomla and Weebly
  • New apps to connect to in the Ecwid App Market
  • API updates for developers

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New SEO-friendly URLs

SEO is a strong tool for driving traffic to your store and is a powerful resource for free promotion. Knowing that we are continuously working on SEO improvements for Ecwid stores. Earlier, we released manual meta-tags and now is the time to update your store links to make them even more SEO friendly as Google reps have recommended.

The updated Ecwid URLs are free from extra characters such as #, !, /, and are indexed higher by search engines. People can understand them better now, too.

New SEO URLs in Ecwid

Have a look around our demo store to get the idea of how the new URLs are working.

Learn how to enable them in this post, if you haven’t already: New Clean URLs for Every Ecwid Store: a Simple Way to a Better SEO

Free SSL certificate for any domain

“Secure” means the page is protected with HTTPS

Using HTTPS is becoming the norm and we recommend you to join the safe side too.

An SSL certificate a key for encrypting your data required for using HTTPS on the website — which is a modern standard for keeping your customer data safe.

If you sell on Ecwid Starter Site, then you already have an SSL certificate by default. Since the site is essentially a subdomain of Ecwid (, it uses Ecwid’s SSL.

But what if you’ve linked the Starter Site to your domain (so it redirects to and not

Now you get an SSL certificate for your custom domain as well (for free). Just follow these steps to enable it:

  1. Login to your Ecwid store, go to Settings → Start Page and click on the “Change Address” button.
  2. Click on the “Use your domain” field and follow the instructions that appear on-screen.

Important: If your store has a credit card payment gateway setup and your website isn’t secure (doesn’t use SSL certificate), Ecwid redirects customers to a secure Starter Site to finish their checkout & enter credit card details. Ecwid will also return a customer back to a website automatically after the payment is successful payment.

Ecwid Control Panel Dashboard Updates

A few months ago, we made some major changes the Ecwid Control Panel:

We aren’t stopping there. This spring, as a part of this big dashboard renovation, we updated the sales page even more, polished the order editor and refreshed the payments page. And we’re still going. Stay tuned for more updates to your Ecwid Control Panel.

Sales page

In the previous features digest, we introduced the new sales page. It’s a mobile responsive, clean page with new features like mass updates and an order editor.

Now, we’ve updated it even more and added useful fields to the order list, based on your feedback.

Now every order on the list can display:

  • Customer’s name
  • Email address
  • Shipping method
  • Payment method
New Sales Page in Ecwid

The fields are not mandatory and will not display if they’re left empty.

Make sure you’ve enabled new Sales Page in Control Panel → Settings →…