More than 80 percent of high-growth sales organizations use five or more sales technologies, suggests a recent online survey of 400 companies. Velocify and the American Association of Indoor Sales Professionals partnered on the research and released their findings on Tuesday.

The average number of sales technologies in use was 10, based on the participants’ reports.

“There are hundreds of sales technologies available … due to the explosion of inside and virtual sales,” said Kameron Hobbs, director of marketing and operations at AA-ISP.

“Customers want to interact digitally,” she told CRM Buyer.

CRM Is Not Enough

New technologies are layered into the mix as they come along, because they offer capabilities not previously even thought of, which impacts how many tools are being added, Hobbs noted.

Other findings:

  • Nearly 80 percent of respondents believed automation was replacing daily sales activity for most companies;
  • 75 percent expected half of present-day sales activities to be automated within 10 years;
  • 59 percent of respondents named CRM as the top must-have technology; 50 percent chose email tracking and automation; and 42 percent said lead distribution and call management was most wanted;
  • 71 percent of respondents planned to increase their use of Web and social prospecting within the next few years;
  • 67 percent planned to increase their use of email tracking and automation; and
  • 66 percent planned to ramp up their use of marketing automation.

Legacy solutions like CRM “are not enough to deal with the increasing complexity and pace of today’s sales environment,” observed Matt Reid, VP of marketing at Velocify.

Several emerging-tech capabilities have been filling the gaps, he told CRM Buyer.

“The challenge for companies is how [to] increase seller adoption of all these technologies, train them properly, and perform ongoing configuration and maintenance of…