Did you know that people make more than 200 food decisions each day?

People are constantly making decisions about how much, what and when to eat. Many of those decisions are made in grocery stores. So, how can grocery stores support well-being? It turns out, grocery stores have many ways to make the healthy choice, the easy choice.

The Blue Zones Project Approved Grocery Store shopping experience can start before shoppers even get out of the car (unless the customer chose to walk or bike to the market. Marking Blue Zones Project parking spaces furthest from the store entrance reminds the customer that there are simple ways to increase the number of steps taken on a given day.

Once inside the store, attractive fresh produce displays are pleasing to the eye and encourage shoppers to make healthy choices. Signage can also nudge shoppers in the right direction by directing them to the produce section and highlighting healthy options on the shelf.

“Our local grocers offer a wide variety of wonderful produce, and we hope to encourage shoppers to experiment at home with confidence as they prepare new, exciting ingredients,” said Keith Hill, Blue Zones Project Organization Lead.

Grocery stores also can educate customers by providing Blue Zones Project grocery store tours, free samplings, and…