From incredible deals on flights and deep discounts to make Amazon more affordable, to a very bad week for brick and mortar stores. Here’s the big consumer news making headlines on Tuesday:

Retailers got hit hard this past week with more than 1,000 stores announcing they’re closing their doors.

Fashion designer Michael Kors announced it’s closing more than 125 locations and Radio Shack 1,000. Don’t shop at those stores? Well think of it this way. More than one hundred thousand retail workers lost their jobs since October of last year. And you know the reason: It’s all the online options and deals at places like Amazon, which is blowing everyone out of the market.

And Amazon just rolled out another innovative deal.

The company is cutting Amazon Prime subscriptions to people on public assistance, by nearly half.
Anyone with an Electronic Benefits Transfer or EBT card, gets Prime for $5.99 a month. It usually costs $10.99. Prime gets you free two day shipping among other perks. And you can try it free for 30 days.

Now the deal is not…