If your business has a significant number of engaged followers, Twitter can be a good way to distribute content; connect with customers and potential customers; and drive visitors to your website. The challenge, then, is to get more followers.

The pool of potential customers is large. As of Q1 2017, Twitter had about 330 million active users, up about 10 million from Q4 of last year and growing. So there is opportunity. To tap into the potential audience, take the steps needed to generate a steady stream of new and engaged followers.

Include an Image with Every Tweet

Tweets with images get 313-percent more engagement than tweets without an image, according to a 2015 post from Twitter. So aim to use an image with every tweet.

You might choose to show a single product image. That is what men’s fashion retailer Suitsupply does with many of its tweets.

Daily pick: The Havana traveler light grey plain. https://t.co/5TOMItMBDt #SUITSUPPLY pic.twitter.com/0P40lvOlAc

— SUITSUPPLY (@suitsupply) May 10, 2017

Or you might use four lifestyle images, like REI did in this tweet that supports a content marketing campaign the retailer is currently promoting.

Last weekend we challenged you to take the next generation outdoors. Here are the results: https://t.co/0KlgSkKVZH. #ForceOfNature pic.twitter.com/yFNTHCINO0

— REI (@REI) May 9, 2017

Men’s grooming supplier Breadbrand posted an animated gif image to attract attention to this tweet inviting folks to apply for openings at the company.

WE’RE HIRING (no beard required)!!! Head on over to our careers page and get that application in ASAP. Good luck 😀 https://t.co/0wopetqZHY pic.twitter.com/LzMUypg0OJ

— Beardbrand (@beardbrand) April 21, 2017

Retailer Forever 21 sometimes adds text to images or graphics to promote a sale.

It’s ON! 50% off flash sale is happening RN!

Shop here: https://t.co/WvCrEmCTaD pic.twitter.com/uZDlrJQmoT

— Forever 21 (@Forever21) April 26, 2017

Charts or illustrations work well too. This was one of my most engaging tweets from April 2017.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Twitter is the leader in hashtags, which are powerful ways to connect.

“Hashtags are such a prominent part of culture today that it’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t know what they are,” wrote Evan LePage in a March 2017 Hootsuite blog post. “In fact, the hashtag is so recognized that it was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2010 and the Scrabble dictionary in 2014.”

To help attract and engage new Twitter followers, add relevant, unbranded hashtags to most, if not all, of your tweets. Chewy, an online pet supply store, recently used the #CincoDeMayo hashtag for a relevant tweet.

Fiesta Pug at the kibble mug. Happy #CincoDeMayo! pic.twitter.com/jTMCc2momL

— Chewy (@Chewy) May 5, 2017

You might also want to use your own branded hashtags. Roxy has been featuring surfer Lisa Andersen in some of its recent marketing. For example, her biography is on Roxy’s site.

“Lisa Andersen is a legend and the…