By Paul Skeldon

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone going on sale – and in effect kicking off the mobile commerce revolution. Ten years on and how we shop and interact with brands and each other has been transformed. And this week’s M-Retailing is an object lesson in how that one device has changed our retail world.

Were it not for the iPhone and subsequent screens that followed quickly in its wake would we be debating the vital role that ‘experience’ now plays in retail?

Would we be seeing headlines calling for a mobile-first strategy as the only way to go?

Had the iPhone not come along, would we be talking about how mobile marketing is set to be massive and indeed how mobile wallets are improving the sharing of coupons and loyalty offers?

Certainly, were it not for the iPhone transforming retail, we might well have said goodbye sometime ago to Debenhams.

Probably not (though it is debatable that mobile commerce made ecommerce more attractive and that that has done for Debenhams – and others – but I digress).

One thing we most certainly wouldn’t be looking at in great detail is Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). In fact, the iPhone created apps and without that the whole mobile ecosystem would look totally different.

When the iPhone came out, the idea of apps was novel and new and on that first day all those years ago, no one could imagine how vital they would be, nor how they would grow and adapt and change. They even created new businesses – Uber and aidbnb wouldn’t exist without apps.

PWAs are the latest iteration of apps and mark, I think, a key moment in mobile commerce, neatly timed to arrive 10 years on from the device…