Ivanka Trump attends the W20 Summit under the motto
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Ivanka Trump seems to be trying to create some distance between herself and her family — but Americans may not be buying it.

On Wednesday, US Weekly revealed that its latest cover would feature Ivanka Trump. The headline: “Why I Disagree With My Dad.”

While US Weekly does not actually quote the first daughter in the article, the piece paints Ivanka in a positive light, as a progressive force who disagrees with some of her father’s political decisions.

“Sometimes she and Jared are a big influence on Donald and sometimes he takes other opinions into account and does something they disagree with,” an “Ivanka insider” told US Weekly on the topic of the Paris climate agreement in the piece posted online. “They win some and they lose some.”

It is worth noting that US Weekly was bought by American Media Inc., a company known for its support of President Trump that also owns National Enquirer, in March.

The cover story comes as Ivanka continues to make other seemingly strategic decisions to appear more “relatable” to the average American.

On Monday, the first daughter was spotted leaving her home in Washington, DC, wearing a $35 dress from Target, The Daily Mail reported. The fashion choice is a far cry from when first lady Melania Trump made headlines in May for wearing a $51,5000 jacket.

A branding expert previously told Business Insider that Ivanka’s fashion decisions could be seen as purposeful ploys to distance herself from her family.

After Ivanka drew criticism for posting an Instagram of herself wearing a