By Paul Skeldon

According to data compiled by, the rise in mobile shopping is leading to a nation of last minute shoppers – and this in turn is driving changes in how shoppers look at logistics, with many more wanting same day delivery.

The research conducted by has revealed that the UK tops the list of countries searching for same day deliveries, beating both the United States and Australia and found that while mobile shopping numbers are up, searches for ‘Same day delivery’ have gone up by a similar margin. Mobile shoppers are impatient and that drives delivery options.

In fact, the data shows that 52% said they would specifically choose a retailer that offered same day delivery over those that didn’t and 67% of participants would spend more if it meant they would get same-day delivery.

Interestingly, 36% of respondents stated they would pay £10-15 for same-day delivery when in a pinch, with 34% most likely to use same-day delivery for Valentine’s day, 28% for birthdays, 31% for Christmas and 7% for other occasions.

Men were most likely to use same-day delivery for Valentine’s…