A historic structure that served as Bastrop County’s museum for 60 years is being renovated to include waterfront apartments and retail space, and is likely to be completed this year.

According to design sketches submitted to the city, the old Bastrop County Historical Society Museum is being redeveloped into two mixed use buildings, which will include 3,700-square-feet of retail space and two second story apartments while preserving the historic elements of the 167-year-old structure.

The museum building at 702 Main Street will include 2,500-square-feet of retail space, enough space for three tenants, as well as a 900-square-foot apartment upstairs. A second building constructed next door at 704 Main Street will feature more than 1,200-square-feet of retail space on the bottom floor, which could be partitioned for two tenants, and a 1,200-square-foot apartment on the second floor.

City Planning Director Wesley Brandon did not have an estimated price to rent or purchase the waterfront units.

“It’s definitely a unique product that you don’t see in town very often, especially along Main Street,” he said. “One of the goals of the form-based code is to maintain this mixed-use concept.”

The city’s form-based code was approved in March 2015 for the downtown area. It encourages mixed commercial…