The under-25s are more engaged with the food-to-go market than any previous generation, according to the latest report from the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD).

Not only are 18-25-year-olds (referred to as ‘post-millennials’) shopping more for food-to-go than older shoppers, but they are particularly interested in ranges that meet specialist dietary requirements.

IGD’s research on these post-millennials found that 30% of them completed a food-to-go mission on their last shopping trip, compared to 13% of over-26s. The research also found:

  • When shopping in convenience stores, this group was twice as likely to buy food-to-go compared to their older counterparts (48% vs 24% over 26-year-olds)
  • One-third (32%) bought food-to-go at supermarkets and hypermarkets, compared to 9% of over-26-year-olds
  • Almost a quarter (23%) shopped for food-to-go at a food discounter vs 7% of over-26s

The research also shows post-millennials are more interested in expanded ranges of food-to-go than those over 26.

Half (49%) wanted to see an increase in vegetarian ranges, compared to 32% of over-26-year-olds, while 41% were seeking more vegan food-to-go options (22% over-26-year-olds). Dairy and gluten free ranges were…