Ladbrokes Coral

Ladbrokes Coral’s chief customer officer Kristof Fahy says the procurement team needs to understand that marketing is about more than “balloons and t-shirts” and should adopt shared KPIs so they can work closer together.

Speaking at the ProcureCon Marketing 2017 conference today (13 June), Fahy started his talk by admitting that he has not always been “a fan” of procurement. This is mainly due to the department taking a “lone ranger” approach.

“Procurement tend to do things on their own and won’t ask the marketing team [for their opinion]. There’s a lack of talking and conversation. We need to stop this lone ranger approach,” he said.

This strained working relationship is not only felt by marketers. A new report by Globality shows that only one quarter (26.7%) of procurement professionals say they have a ‘strategic’ relationship with their marketing team. Some 29% of marketers would characterise their relationship as ‘open’, while 14.3% describe it as ‘challenging’.

Marketing is not the balloons and t-shirts department. Understand what marketing is and what it does. Understand the challenges – and not just the everyday ones.

Kristof Fahy, Ladbrokes Coral

Fahy also believes the department should focus on more than just being “the cost police”, as it will “not help them to make friends” within a business.

“It doesn’t mean we want you to…