By Paul Skeldon

In a major international survey of Western consumer attitudes towards artificial intelligence (AI), when asked if they would be more open to using more AI if it helped save time or money, a healthy majority (60%) of British consumers agreed.

The survey suggests British consumers could be comfortable with a company using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide better customer service based on personal data. They are most comfortable with AI used to personalise online retail offers (1st), aid a doctor to make better diagnoses (2nd) and financial services advice (3rd). Meanwhile, government’s use of AI to improve citizens’ services ranks bottom – even below a car salesman’s use of AI.

However, the research suggests customer service organisations planning greater use of AI need to take into account how this level of enthusiasm may hide some deep-set concerns and confusion.

While more Brits agree (29%) than disagree (23%) that AI has the potential to improve the customer service of the businesses they interact with, this is a lower%age than other nationalities surveyed. Larger proportions of French (44%) and Dutch (42%) respondents think AI could make customer…