Retailers can increase revenue by offering more shipping choices for shoppers, according to a new report from Temando, which also revealed a wide gap between consumer expectations of ecommerce delivery and what retailers deliver.

The report also found that the quality of the ecommerce delivery experience is a major contributor to customer loyalty, with 73% of consumers saying they’ll shop more with brands if it’s positive, while 50% of them won’t buy again if it’s negative.

“Our research shows that shipping remains a key driver of cart abandonment,” said Carl Hartmann, co-founder and CEO of Temando. “If the range of consumer expectations are not met, or the cost of the experience is not in alignment with expectations, then inevitably that translates to a missed opportunity for the retailer. By closing the gap and providing more of a range of experiences, retailers can create more revenue.”

For instance, the survey found 43% of retailers drove increased revenue by offering better choices in ecommerce delivery. Among enterprise retailers, 33% reported a reduction in cart abandonment rate when offering more shipping choices, while 50% of mid-market retailers experienced increased sales. Also 27% of…