harrys jeff raider andy katz mayfield
Harry’s cofounders and co-CEOs Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield say working dads need help, too.

The men Andy Katz-Mayfield knows don’t talk about what it’s like to be a working dad, and no one has ever asked Jeffrey Raider, “You’re a dad — how do you juggle it all?”

The Harry’s cofounders and co-CEOs say this is endemic of a bigger issue for fathers — “the world still doesn’t expect us to be equal co-parents,” Katz-Mayfield recently wrote on LinkedIn. “Which is a bummer, because I could use more support.”

So the new fathers and shaving company co-CEOs recently set about tackling the issue within their own company.

Last week, they announced a gender-neutral policy of 16 weeks paid leave, an idea that has become more popular of late with other companies including Etsy, Netflix, and Spotify. Previously, Harry’s, valued at $750 million in 2015, offered 12 weeks of paid leave for birthing parents and four for non-birthing parents.

Experts say that not offering equal benefits to parents leads to discrimination against women, and the best policies for helping working families are the ones that are gender-neutral.

In fact, as The New York Times previously reported, studies have shown that when a company’s policy mandates that women take longer leaves than men, the same companies are more inclined to hire…