The Telegraph

The Telegraph is currently on a two-year business transformation journey as it looks to attract and retain readers.

One big aim is to reach younger consumers. And to achieve this, the brand is joining Snapchat’s Discover platform in the UK. The Telegraph will publish a ‘Story’ every day at 5pm, and will increase its frequency before and after the General Election to ensure Snapchatters have access to the latest news as it happens.

Snapchat users will also be able to subscribe to the brand on the platform. The Telegraph is not the only news brand on the platform; it will be joining a host of competitors including Sky News, The Sun and the Daily Mail.

“Digitally we reach a huge cross-section of people. Some 23.9 million unique individuals consume our content digitally every month. Snapchat still has a highly engaged younger audience – although its reach is broader than you may think,” Robert Bridge, chief customer officer at The Telegraph, tells Marketing Week.

“My job and overall the business strategy is to bring younger people into the brand and expose them to the quality journalism we produce.”

He adds The Telegraph is “very careful” to stay true to the brand on a platform that is skewed towards younger audiences, and has learnt from its app relaunch last year, which was built with 25- to 45-year-olds in mind.

“We’ve become more product-centric around certain demographics. Our new app launched last year, and the way we curate our content has hints of Instagram and a younger generation within that product by being very visually led,” he explains.

Earlier this year,…