Things to Consider When Starting a Kid's Brand

Did you know that children’s products are one of the most promising niches for online retailers?

It’s true. This is largely for two main reasons:

  • It’s convenient for busy parents who don’t have to leave home to make a purchase
  • People are willing to spend on their kids

And kid’s brands do indeed drive some serious business. Around $1.2 trillion is spent per year on products geared toward children and tweens.

You can capitalize on this by creating a kid’s brand and online store that caters to the audience of parents, grandparents, and caregivers who want to offer the best of everything to their little ones.

Here’s what you need to know and consider beforehand.

Who Should Start a Kid’s Brand?

There’s one demographic of people who seem specially suited for starting a kid’s brand: Parents.

Those who have kids of their own make sense as kid’s brand founders because…well, they get it. They’re in tune with the target audience for this niche and these types of products because they know what parents need and want for their children. They understand the desires, expectations, and concerns of the core audience.

This was true for the founders of Cosmobaby, a children’s clothing and accessory brand:

It all started during a gathering…we noted innovative and useful products brought back by one of the mums from overseas. We lamented that we were not able to find these products locally. It became a lightbulb moment: We shouldn’t wait for others to bring these items in–we should make them available ourselves.


For others, kid’s brands are more of a passion project that starts as a labor of love and evolves into a business opportunity. Take Carol of Carol’s Creations, for example. She said:

I make clothes for my grandchildren and enjoy sewing. I thought it would be a great opportunity to start and share children’s clothing with others. I’m not for profit, I just enjoy sewing to fill in my time…you can only sew so many things for your own.

The thing to remember is this: Whether you’re interested in launching a kid’s brand to create a career for yourself, or you’re just doing it to share your passion or hobby, you’ll need to be able to relate with the buyers of kid’s products.

How to Differentiate Your Kid’s Brand

The next question then, is: How do you differentiate your kid’s brand from the rest of the competition?

Dmitry Karaush, an experienced online retailer, puts this well: “You must first analyze the market to see what’s missing for the customers who are already present in this area (and that other retailers can’t offer.)”

Consider the following when analyzing the market and looking…