trader joes simpler wines in a can
Trader Joe’s is selling out of Simpler Wines within hours.

Outdoor drinking is as American as apple pie.

That may explain why Trader Joe’s, which has plenty of cheap wines to choose from, cannot keep its new sparking wine cans, Simpler Wines, in stock. The 4-pack, which retails for $3.99, equates to a standard 750-ml bottle of wine, making it a steal for summer drinking.

After Trader Joe’s introduced the budget-friendly wine cans at the end of April, the inventory quickly sold out. But good news if you’re planning to drink outside soon (July 4th anybody?): The cans are finally back in stock, if only on a limited basis.

We called the Trader Joe’s Wine Shop in New York City to find out if we could reserve a 4-pack, but the latest shipment was already sold out. The store is getting about 10 cases delivered on most days — five of the white and…