Clips of people tearing open boxes containing the Disney’s Frozen Anna doll, the latest iPhone, and L’Oreal’s new line of makeup are among the fastest growing video categories on YouTube. They get an estimated ​10 billion​ views monthly, according to Tubefilter.

A new startup debuted on Thursday that hopes to make a business out of these popular videos. That company, Packagd, wants to become a mobile phone-focused version of QVC or Home Shopping Network (HSN), by turning the craze for so-called unboxing videos into an e-commerce business.

“One in five people on YouTube are watching unboxing videos,” Eric Feng, the startup’s CEO and founder, said in an interview with Fortune. “This retail content is entertainment.”

Packagd’s first app, called Unboxed, is focused on showing the unboxing of tech gadgets including smartphones, computers, and gaming consoles. It will feature YouTube videos of unboxings published by “unboxers,” with a message underneath linking to where to buy the item or related products.

The idea is that many people who watch unboxing videos, which give viewers and idea of what new products look like and how they operate, are in shopping mode. For example, Googlefound that​ 62% of people who watch unboxing videos are researching a potential purchase.

Feng said that products listed will be…